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Owning a cobot for your business means improving productivity, quality and safety. The opportunities for a cobot in your company are endless, and it’s not for nothing that cobots are revolutionizing manufacturing.
At Cobotx, we have a unique combination of skills that make us the experts in all areas involved around a cobot.
We analyze and determine the proper application for your business, the technical development and manufacture of the solution and finally, the supervision of the implementation and change in your workplace. We will do our best to find the right spot for a cobot and help you understand how it will benefit your business in the long run.
Not all cobots are the same. Cobot optimization is custom-made, and the cobots are programmed based on your business needs.
One of our specialists will come by to assess the process without any obligation.
We determine the solution, calculate your business case and send you a quote.
You determine whether the business case is interesting for your business and make a decision.
We work out the technical solution.
We deliver the cobot, including maintenance and support.
Meet the Team
Our passion is to make our cobot project a success. Let us help you.

Boudewijn is responsible for the technical implementation of cobots. He has several years of experience designing, building and programming different machines.

Boudewijn Crooijmans
Operations Director

Maarten is the general manager and one of the founders of Cobotx.Because of his experience in implementing changes, he supports the actual implementation of a cobot in the workplace.

Maarten Zijlstra
Managing Director

Gerrit is in charge of Sales at CobotX. With extensive experience in commercial and management roles, he consistently focuses on translating specific customer needs into solutions that deliver tangible value.

Gerrit de Zwaan
Sales Director
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